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Hop Up & Taste.

NICE AF presents — Buns Bunny, the hot cross bun cocktail. This robust, silky libation is a riff on the classic hot cross bun, with a hint of coffee, chocolate, and orange.

Ready to serve. Ready to share. Simply pour over ice, garnish with an orange peel and you're ready to go. 

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What is Buns Bunny?

We've extracted the essence of the hot cross bun and infused it with chocolate, coffee, and orange.
These four seasonal flavours have finally found their perfect match – in a form that breaks from tradition, and goes down easy.

Hot Cross Buns




Subtle layers of chocolate and coffee play a supporting role to our cornerstone hot cross buns, rounded off with the bright citrus aroma of a naval orange peel.


Our Story.

Once upon a sunny April afternoon, a group of friends sat around a table to share a tipple. Heavy was the liquid that flowed on this day. With hot cross buns and banter aplenty, the love of friendship, and creative juices flowing, hatched an idea to catch the essence of belonging in something that was batched.

Mixing with fervour, we made our first drink. Popped it into a glass with ice, and it went down in a blink.



Stock up on a comforting dose of nostalgia now, ahead of your Easter long weekend get-togethers!


Hunting For The Buns?

Shop online through Hairy Dog for home delivery across Australia at

For wholesale purchases, please check out Paramount Liquor at

Buns Bunny is also available in-store at the below locations.

Where To Buy

How To Drink.


Ready to serve. Ready to share.
Simply pour over ice, garnish with an orange twist, and down she goes.


Nice AF.

The Nice AF brand is all about delivering an exceptional experience when we put liquid to lips.
Alex and Fyfe (Nice AF) collaborated closely with industry experts and a tight-knit community of friends and family to create a brand that represents an extraordinary new direction in the RTS cocktail market.

Nice AF
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Alex Brown (Founder/Creator)


Fyfe Anderson Scott (Founder/Creator)

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